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Atlanta.com is intended to assist you in gathering trip details, deciding the accessibility of journeys, support services, and making hassle-free reservations online with tour operators.

All of the information available on our website is the primary source of communication. We have constantly experienced a notable increase in traffic because of the detailed information on our web page for each service. The information sources like the page make sure that you can make the most desirable choice.

We try to offer our users with the most accurate, up-to-date flight schedules and prices. From time to time, however, it may happen that some of the flights and fares listed on our site might not be wholly accurate or might have changed since the last time you looked. Please note that we do not guarantee that all offers or terms will be available at all times through our site, nor can we guarantee our site's continuous or uninterrupted availability.

Airlines Restrictions

General Rules

Air tickets on our website are available for the flights provided by various airlines. Flights and offers displayed on our website are subject to change leading up to departure. Airlines are not liable for any charges imposed by their respective suppliers. All airlines reserve their rights to amend the flight timings, schedules, routes and costs without prior information.

Frequent travellers point

Upgrades, awards, coupon codes, and other awards or promotional deals for 'Common Travellers' may not be applied to the airline firm's services.

Prohibited Practices

You agree not to purchase a ticket(s) that includes journey portions that you don't intend to make use of, such as "point beyond," "back-to-back tickets," or "hidden-city," if permitted by the relevant airline. You acknowledge that certain airlines prohibit all closely related tickets and procedures. We can't ensure that the relevant airline will honour your booking if you start engaging in any process. You also agree not to purchase any round trip that you'll be used for solitary journeys only when the airline prohibits it.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Airfares are fully refundable if withdrawn within 24 hours of purchase. According to the airline's cancellation policies, extra bookings charges may apply.

All withdrawals of plane tickets must get made over all the phone also. It is only relevant to request discontinuation and returns the money with us, but only if the tariff system allows termination and reimbursements.

Accuracy Of Information

Atlanta.com does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this website. Atlanta.com will not be liable for any loss or damages resulting from the use of this information, whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential. The data on this website may be changed or updated without notice.

Security Warning

You must make sure that anything you supply for use is entirely independent of almost any possibly dangerous elements, including virus infections, vermin, Trojan or even malicious software programs, as well as other harmful objects. In no situation will we be responsible to any party for practically any loss or direct, indirect, incidental, or special damages resulting from the use of this website.


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