Why to visit Georgia Aquarium?

Posted: 11 December 2021 georgia-aquarium Georgia Aquarium

If you have an Atlanta visit this summer, don't skip Georgia Aquarium this time! Georgian Aquarium is famous for a wide variety of marine life, with more than 100,000 aquatic creatures, including whale sharks living under the same roof. This aquarium features freshwater animals in the "Southern Company River Scout" gallery to a humongous whale shark tank. It is a popular spot for every type of visitor, be it a professional traveler, curious traveler, family, or institutional student; Georgia Aquarium is catching the attention of thousands of visitors every year.

If you are asking, why is it famous?

Well then, visitors may find plenty of eye-catching scenes with a variety of marine life at the same place. Visitors can attend a free dolphin show and pay to swim or dive with the aquarium's whale sharks. Also, they can reserve seats for their loved ones for the dolphin and sea lion presentation and the 4D theatre in the morning. How about attending the "Sharks! Predators of the Deep" exhibit? It showcases multiple shark species (such as hammerheads, whale sharks, and tiger sharks) in a 20-foot tank.

Tickets to the Aquarium are not costly as you can get tickets from its website or at the gate. Online tickets for a day trip to the aquarium start at $36.95 (excluding children two years of age and younger) for general admission. It includes galleries, animal shows, a cafe, a phone charging lounge with restrooms, a theater, and a gift shop. Going for a two-day tour? You will get a tour of the 'SHARKS! Predators of the Deep' exhibit, one of the largest shark exhibits anywhere in the world. Don't you think you should start your journey now? What is the wait then? Ask your near and dear ones now and make your plans ASAP!