What's Interesting at Fernbank Museum of Natural History?

Posted: 20 December 2021 atlanta-natural-history-museum Atlanta Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Get an opportunity to learn about the prehistoric and present-day natural worlds at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History! The museum will leave you awestruck because of its dinosaur fossils, wildlife native to Georgia, cultural garments, and everything you learned about the Dino's World. Its stunning atrium features a suspended life-scale brontosaurus skeleton, swampland and foothill dioramas populated with prehistoric, Mesozoic and modern-day flora and fauna exhibits. All these things come true with "A Walk Through Time in Georgia."

Fernland Museum of Natural History also offers a movie time at its Giant Screen Theatre, where you can catch an amazing movie time with your kids and know amazing facts about dinosaurs. If you are not up for indoor movie time, you can experience several outdoor exhibits. Take yourself to the WildWoods and enjoy some special exhibits that take place throughout the year, or explore the 65-acre Fernbank Forest with more than 2 miles of paved paths. Also, watch hundreds of animal species calling the area their home while walking in the Fernbank Forest.

It is a great place for a nature enthusiast and a history buff. If you are one of them, why not make your plans for the Fernland Museum of Natural History? That sounds amazing, no? If yes, that'd be a good decision as the museum is among the must-visit places for tourists.

Take yourself to the place where science, nature and fun make history. The entry tickets to the Fernland Museum are not much costly as it covers everyone within $20. For an Adult (ages 13-64), ticket costs $20; for Senior (age 65+) and Child (ages 3-12), the ticket costs around $19 and $18 respectively. General Admission includes a walking tour of all museum exhibits and outdoor experiences, such as 75 acres of nature adventures in WildWoods and Fernbank Forest except Giant Screen Movie – which is included in combo tickets for movies.